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Educational Objectives:

 I am currently a business major.  I plan to have a double major by the spring semester of 2004.  I would like to major in business management, early childhood development and education.  I plan to receive a bachelorís degree in both majors and a masterís degree in early childhood development and education.  I intend on transferring from the University of Akron to Ohio State University or a larger college out of state.  The reason for this is so that I can be on my own and venture out into a different type of scenery

Career Objectives:

 While receiving my education I plan to volunteer at my church and work with the children there.  I would love to help coordinate the childrenís church and summer camp programs.  I also plan on obtaining a job at a childrenís care facility or school.  After I have obtained my bachelorís I am hoping to start a day care of my own.  If this is not a possibility I will work with others at a daycare or at a school.  I am also looking into starting an educational program for children at my church.  This program would act as a school for children five years of age and older.  This program would last through out the summer and give the kids a head start on the up coming school year.  After I have obtained my masterís degree I am hoping to branch out and have more than one daycare.  These facilities will focus on pre-school education.  I am hoping to have the children well prepared for kindergarten.  I think that this is helpful to children who have parents that stay busy and donít seem to have time to teach their children the fundamentals needed in order for them to be successful in kindergarten.  This also sets the foundation for their entire educational career.  The program I hope to run will be somewhat similar to head start programs through out the United States.