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Educational History:
       I graduated from Rittman High school in 2001 and immediately enrolled in Akron University. I took several types of classes early in an attempt to find what I like and I discovered that I have an interest in Economics. I plan to graduate from Akron U. with a bachelorís degree in economics around summer of 2004. I also am pursuing a minor in psychology because it can contrast with economics to give two different perspectives on similar situations.

Career Objectives:
       After I graduate from college, I plan to get a job and save some money for more school. I plan to go to law school unless a more attractive offer comes along. Once I see what opportunities are available to me, I will decide if I want to go to law school or build a career elsewhere. At this point I am indifferent to whether I go to law school or work elsewhere, my main goal is to find a challenging job that will keep my interest for a long time.