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Educational Objectives

My goal at the University of Akron is to receive a Bachelor of Science in Labor Economics with a minor in Geography.  I have taken many economic courses that will help me prepare me including Labor Problems, Labor Economics, Managerial Economics, Money and Banking, and other special topic classes.  My interest in geography lies within the planning aspect.  I have completed Land Use Design Methods and am currently taking Urban Geography.  I am still deciding whether to continue to get a master degree, in either Geography or Economics. 

Career Objectives

After graduating this fall, I have decided to continue my education and pursue a masters degree in Geography.  Hopefully I can find an internship for the city that may lead to future employment.  I have thought about working for the city of Akron, possibly in the Planning Department.  Here with a geography background and the analytical skills that I have acquired, I will be able to analyze existing and future problems for the city and the people whom live there.