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Economic Course Work
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Research Paper
Educational Objectives

            I am currently enrolled at the University of Akron as an Economics major. I hope to utilize the resources available to me to pursue a high level of academic excellence and further my understanding of economic principles. 

The multicultural environment offered at the University of Akron will allow me to gain a broader appreciation of the benefits that accrue when different cultures interact. This appreciation should prepare to me to participate in an increasingly culturally complex global environment. 

Following graduation, I anticipate entering graduate school to pursue a Master's Degree in an economics related field. (PDF version)

Career Objectives

I am already involved in an area that I hope enlarge as my understanding of economic factors increases: art values and acquisitions. Although I am currently exploring this in only a limited fashion, the potential this area offers can be clearly seen. A knowledgeable buyer can reap tremendous rewards when purchasing items that are undervalued in the market they are located in. 

Few people have a clear perception of the way art values fluctuate due to supply and demand and, in order to effectively invest capital, often seek outside assistance to guide their purchases. The possibility of combining two areas that I find very interesting, economics and art, extremely exciting. (PDF version)