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Career Objectives

  • During my coursework I plan on pursuing two semesters of internships in order to find what kind of accounting fields I am most interested in and where exactly I may like to work. After graduation I would like to work for a large corporation with an emphasis on my accounting degree.  My joint major with economics will help me to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a corporate chief executive officer. 

Educational Objectives

  • I am a sophomore, in the School of Business, at the University of Akron, with a joint major in Accounting and Economics.  I am on schedule to graduate after the fall semester in 2006 and plan on taking the CPA exam.  I currently maintain a 3.0 grade point average which I hope to bring up to a 3.5 by graduation. I have started taking my beginning business and economic courses with most of my general education requirements fulfilled.  I feel that my interest in an economics background combined with the knowledge of accounting will make me more marketable after graduation.