Vennessa L. Fletcher
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             Educational Goals
Already having an Associates Degree in Business from New Mexico State University, I am continuing to further my education at the University of Akron.  I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Labor Economics with a minor in Public Policy Analysis.  I am planning on going back to New Mexico State University to acquire my Masters Degree in Public Utilities Economics.  Following up with one more degree in Corporate Law.
             Where am I headed?
The degree I am currently pursuing will more than likely take me into the government sector.  I am hoping to use it towards an area in the United States that has low economic growth, low labor statistics but the potential to grow into a boom area like the Northeast- Midwest.  That area would be the Southwestern United States.  Using the corporate knowledge from life’s experiences, the book knowledge from the courses of study and any other abilities that are acquired along the way, my goal is to make a difference in the areas that need it the most.