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Educational and Career Objectives

• My Educational Objectives

     I intend on graduating from the University of Akron with a bachelor of science in Labor Economics and a minor in Business Management by December 2006.  I have chosen to pursue economics and business because I find them both very interesting.  I plan on interning during the next few summers in order to get a better understanding of what specifically I would like to get into.  Immediately following graduation I will begin work toward a master’s degree in either economics or business.  Another possibility is to attend law school.  If I decide to take this route corporate law would be my focus. 

• My Career Objectives

     I will most likely be involved in the financial field throughout my career.  Depending on my post bachelor education I will either be involved in private business or the public sector.  I am currently a student-athlete at the University of Akron and I would love to have a career which involves sports.  One option is to work for sports organizations and their financial departments. Another option is to represent the individual athlete.  Being an agent is something that I would enjoy and could see myself doing as a career.