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Alan Jennings
Mechanical Engineering, Undergraduate
University of Akron, Graduation May 2006
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My Career Objectives

            My current career objective is to research the field of controllers and actuators with the direction of developing the field of robotics and automation. My interests draw from that hope to accomplish better designs that enhance life through robotics. In the future, I plan to research and teach mechanical engineering topics at the collegiate level. My want for being a university professor is because what they focus on is in line with my satisfaction of research and teaching. My reason for this goal is due to my aptitude, interests and plan for the future.
            I have excelled in course work and engineering team projects. My aptitude lies in my ability to understand complex problems and approach the solution in an efficient, systematic, explainable method. I have also shown my ability to design and lead in participating in the SAE Aero Design competition. My final year I was team captain and our team achieved first for design, presentation and overall.

My Educational Objectives

            Education empowers an engineer to design and analyze. I desire knowledge so that I can solve problems that interest me and will improve society. I developed my ability during undergraduate studies and desire a masters and doctorial education for the tools I need.
            My education at University of Akron taught and applied fundamental principles to the fields of control, structures, motion, and thermal/fluid systems through course work, projects, labs and co-op. I participated in the SAE Aero design team giving me practical experience and leadership training. I have spent over a year gaining co-op work experience. Exploring pneumatic response on a NSF grant, I found that research was my true desire. Education consists of a lot more than just gathering equations to use, but understanding.
            I plan to attend Carnegie Mellon University studying controls. My desire on graduating is to have a full understanding of principles of control. I want to understand nonlinear systems and controllers; analysis of non-ridged bodies, 3-D motion and fluid systems. I also desire to gain experience conducting and publishing research.
            Gaining a doctorate offers an opportunity for in depth study and research. I wish to use this opportunity to develop the field of robotic control. Perhaps I may develop advance controls for multi-degree of freedom robotic arms. After my doctorial studies, I will continue to stay current and explore applications. By learning about manufacturing, surgery or harsh environments like space or deep sea; I would be able to design better robotic systems for those situations. My goal would be to incorporate research in to tangible societal improvements.

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