Economic Proficiencies
Economic Projects

My Educational Objectives

Through my tenure at the University of Akron, I will pursue the knowledge to be a functional member of the entertainment and economic community.  With my major in Radio and Television Production, I plan to have the information to be a successful person in the mass media industry.  With my minor in Economics, I except to be able manage and use my finances to the best of my abilities.   After I graduate, I will pursue the knowledge of a director, producer, and camera operator through my many internships at production houses, TV stations, and freelance work.


My Career Objectives

Upon graduation, I would like to be interning for a production house.  After gaining the experience needed, I will be getting a job at a production house.  My ideal situation would be working on documentaries, TV shows, or movies.  Further down the road, I would like to director or produce one of the types of things I mentioned earlier.  Lastly, I would like to own my own production company.  As for economics, I will use my knowledge to better understand market tendencies so I can have the money I make work for me.