Jessica Holden's Economics Profile







Educational Objective

I intend on primarily focusing on macroeconomic in the sub-discipline area of urban economics. Urban economics allows me to better understand the events happening around me and the impact of decisions made by the public and private sectors. Such as, why do businesses move in and out of the area and what is the impact of those changes on our community. How are housing prices, taxes, cost of living standards, just to name a few, affected. What impact does this have on people moving in and out of a particular neighborhood. What impact do changes in the political climate of a community have on the growth of our community. How can we meet the desired goal of “full employment”. The impact of making decisions between alternatives can greatly accelerate or cripple growth in our community.

Career Objective

I am currently investigating a potential internship with a local economic development organization in my local community. This internship will allow me to gain a much better understanding of the “big picture” that economic analysis has on our community.

After graduation, I plan to persuade a Master of Arts in Economics and continue working for Midwest Technologies, a consulting firm specializing in Information Technology Outsourcing. My hopes are of using my education in economics to help the company grow by meeting the needs of our community.