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Educational Objectives

            I plan on acquiring my bachelors of science in economics as efficient as possible. While majoring in the subject of economics, I will minor in the subject of Statistics to strengthen my mathematical background relating to economics.  After I finish up with my bachelors degree at the University of Akron, I plan on going for my masters of business at night while working during the day. This is to help my business side of thinking about the economy. If the master’s degree goes over smoothly then I plan on going for my P.H.D in the area of economics.

Career Objectives

I currently am employed at Best Buy but plan on interning with First Energy next summer. I plan on looking into jobs at financial firms when I finish with my Bachelors of Science in economics. I would like to attend school while working after college but it isnt a must. I enjoy the big city atmosphere so i will most likely move to a major city after graduation.