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Greg Madonia's Economic Portfolio
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Educational Objectives:

I plan to graduate from the University of Akron with a Bachelors Degree in Economics.  During my time at school, I hope to do some interning to help me focus what I want to do in the field of economics.  I have already completed three years of study in the Japanese language.  In addition to a major in economics, I am also pursuing a minor in philosophy.  I believe that a knowledge of philosophy will only improve my ability to understand not only economics, but all areas of study.
Career Objectives:
After graduating, I hope to join a company where I am able to become an integral member.  I will be looking to work at a company where I am able to use and expand upon the knowledge that I have acquired in school.   Eventually, I plan to be the owner of my own business, where I can use all the knowledge and experience that I have gained to become successful.