Mark Mellion's Economic Portfolio
Economic Writing
<>My Educational Objectives:

<>            My education has, up to this semester, been solely aimed at engineering.  While I attended the University of Cincinnati, I studied Aerospace Engineering and completed 4 quarters.  In November of 2003 my father passed away and I was forced to return home.  I transferred to the University of Akron as I can commute and I know the school is known for a strong engineering program.  As Akron does not offer an aerospace engineering degree, I changed my major to mechanical engineering.

            As part of the curriculum, I took Dr. King’s Principles of Microeconomics class over this summer.  I found the material extremely interesting and spoke with Dr. Nelson about taking up a second major in economics.  This semester I am taking two courses towards economics and two towards Engineering.  While I plan to use the Engineering degree to acquire a job, I believe knowledge of economics will allow me to better understand the company for which I work and people in general.

<>My Career Objectives:

<>            I plan at work as a mechanical engineer in production.  I work at the M.K. Morse company, and my job has afforded me contact with mechanical engineers and even some first-hand engineering experience.  I enjoy what work I have done there and believe I would enjoy what I have seen.  As an engineer, I expect to increase the efficiency of production and quality of my company’s product.