Robert Noetzel's Economic Portfolio

Education Objectives
    I intend on graduating from the University of Akron with a bachelors degree in Economics.  For the time being I plan on gaining a stronger understanding in Economics and learning the decision method behind it.  Formerly, I was working towards a Chemistry degree, and I have a strong understanding of the sciences and math, and I still plan on graduating with a minor in Chemistry.  I feel that an Economics degree with a background in Chemistry would fit well together in a work related field.  While in school I would also like to get more hands on experience, either by becoming an intern or working with people that are in the Economics field.  I would also like to attend graduate school and begin working towards a Masters and eventually a Doctorate in either Economics or a related field.

Career Objectives
    I would like to work for a local family owned company that has major potential in becoming a regional or national chain and would actually like to take that company to the next level.  With my Economics degree I would predict where the market is moving to, and better prepare the company to be in that position when the time comes.  There is also the possibility of me working in a Chemistry related company, being an economist with a pharmaceutical company.  Another career goal for me would be to be a consultant for major corporations.  At this time there are no set plans I have for a career and the future is wide open.