Stephen A. Seyerle's
Online Prospectus

      Education Objectives

      08/15/2006 -On leave of absence from FirstEnergy, I will complete my undergraduate degree in          
                           Economics from the University of Akron College of Arts and Science.
      12/01/2009 -30 credits of required continuing education to maintain my Ohio real estate license.

                         -If my career requires, I may pursue and Jurist Doctorate or CPA. At this time I am not   
                          interested in a Masters of Economics.
      Career Objectives

       08/15/2006 -Ideally, I prefer to work for a non-profit organization. I believe my aggressive
                            personality, people skills, and skill set would be an invaluable addition to any              
                            business unit.  I am not interested in public policy and would prefer a career in Real      
                            Estate planning and development. Additionally, I plan to seek part-time contract work 
                            in the sale of real estate.
     Personal Objectives

       10/06/2016 -Providence Unlimited begins as a non-profit real estate development and property
                           management firm. Its mission statement is to provide affordable housing opportunities to
                           minority and selected demographics within local economies to support local ownership
                           and community growth.