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Career Objectives
I would like to work in a business which will allow me to sharpen my economic analysis and application skills.  I would like to work domestically and abroad in various economic analysis and management applications.  Eventually, I am planning on becoming a consultant to large domestic corporations and possibly foregin firms, as well.  In the immediate future, I would like to be a general manager or an economic analyst for a larger corporation.  Through hands-on training and knowledge, gained from more experienced people, I will gain all of the skills needs to be an excellent economist. 
Educational Objectives
I am planning to graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Labor Economics, with a minor in Finance, in the spring of 2008.  For the remainder of my career, at The University of Akron, I will continue for strive for the highest amount of knowledge possible.  Specifically, I will be working on honing my skills in economic analysis and application of economic principles.  I will learn the skills necessary to become an excellent administrator and put those skills into practice in real life.  The combination of ecnomics and business management skills will allow me to be a manager with a thorough understanding of the business world and how to respond to the changes in the economy to be the most efficient possible.