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Scott Brinkley's Economics Portfolio


My Educational Objectives
I am currently majoring in economics and have a minor in Business Administration. Though economics is a very interesting and important field of study it, like other social science majors, leaves BA holders with a dilemma upon graduation: a scarcity of high paying jobs. I have three options if I want to have a chance of earning more than $40,000/yr over the next 20 years.

            1. Earn a master's or doctoral degree in economics.

            2. Earn an MBA. 

            3. Earn a law degree.

After a period of deep self reflection I decided to choose option two. Although I had initially dismissed the option of earning an MBA, I was surprised to find how many concentrations an MBA offers a UA grad student. I plan to begin work on the MBA soon after completing my undergrad studies.

My Career Objectives

Why all the fuss about the zeros at the end of my future paychecks? When was the last time one supported a single income family on an annual salary of $40,000? By the time I graduate, of the increasingly rare single income families out there, I will wager that very few will be supported by individuals earning less than $65,000 or 70,000/yr. I want to raise a single income family. I'm kind of old-fashioned, but I know what I want. I'm also a "car guy". There's no way I'm ever going to be able to afford $1000/month car payments for a fine automobile on a salary of $40,000/yr or less.   

I hope to work for a major corporation near my hometown area (Canton, Ohio). However, I would not be opposed to finding a job in Arizona due to the fact that I love the climate there (I’m not a “winter” person). Wherever I land a job, one thing will be ceratin. There must be an opportunity for advancement into the upper echelons of management. I would genuinely enjoy working at or as close to the "top" as I can get. It's not a "power" thing. It's not even a money thing. I simply have a passion for capitalism. Leading or helping to lead a premier capitalist enterprise would give me great pleasure.

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