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ō      Personal Education Objectives

It is my primary objective to obtain a double major in economics as well as pre-medicine from the University of Akron in the spring of 2008. I plan to supplement my majors with a minor in Spanish, which will help me to achieve a stronger base in either the areas of business or medicine. During my final years at the University of Akron I would like to pursue an internship with a financial organization in order to develop a stronger understanding of what areas I would most strongly like to pursue. International economics will be my primary focus because of the fact that I am strongly interested in the every growing global markets that are presenting themselves, and chemistry will be my focus for medicine because of the fact that I am most strongly drawn to the area of anesthesiology. Following my undergraduate work I will either enter medical school or I will pursue a masterís degree in corporate finance or economics.


ō      Career Objectives

        Having a double major as well as being proficient in Spanish is a tool that will provide me with a multitude of career decisions, however, I would prefer to explore the opportunities available to me in the private financial sector. Such positions could include financial analysis, market analysis, or preferably investment banking. However, many of these careers are highly lucrative and will depend on contacts I am able to develop throughout my educational career. If I choose to follow my medicinal background then a career in anesthesiology would be a optimal career for me. Although much of whether or not I pursue a medical career depends much upon the actions of the government to solve increasing and often crippling malpractice insurance costs that many doctors now must pay.