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                                    Labor Economics, Finance minor

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My Educational Objectives

I plan on graduating from the University of Akron in the spring of 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Labor economics and a minor in Finance. I Plan to refine my skills in finance along with learning to apply economic theory into my decision making processes during the next couple of years. This should solidify and bolster the real world education I received over the last eight years away from school and the three years of higher learning before that at Wake Forest University.


My Career Objectives


To secure a responsible position in a forward thinking company ,with upward mobility, while utilizing my real world experience along with my Economics and Finance background to reach and obtain my professional potential.Using my experience as a former Major league baseball player and upon graduating from The University of Akron, I plan to use the education  either open my own indoor sports complex or work with major sporting goods manufacturer in the development and marketing of goods.