Trevor Koenig's Portfolio
Economic Proficiencies
Relevant Coursework

Education Objective

I am currently majoring in Economics as a third major behind Marketing and Sales.  It is my objective to gain the knowledge and skills vital to all three disciplines and be able to interconnect the synergies between the three.  My focus in Economics is to develop an analytical style of thinking, gain an understanding of how markets work, and to enhance my skill in the interpretation, gathering, and usage of complex metrics to assist my marketing and sales skills.

Career Objective

It is my intention to become an asset that can add value to any company and industry by utilizing the knowledge and skills developed in Marketing, Sales, and Economics through coursework and internship experience.  At this point, I would like to maintain a broad career objective but I have three good ideas of what I may enjoy: remain at Diebold Inc. either in their marketing department, mergers and acquisitions, or as a sales representative, go to work for my father at Koenig Equipment Inc. and create their marketing department, or pursue the recreational boating industry specifically targeting wakeboard and ski boats.