The Economics Portfolio of Andrew Dahlem

            My name is Andrew Dahlem and I am a graduating Senior transfer student majoring in Economics.  In writing a narrative on the objectives for my education and career, I believe it is necessary to give some background on myself prior to looking ahead.  I graduated from small high school in southern Ohio where I chose to take a course in Advanced Placement (AP) Economics.  My instructor recommended that I join the school’s Federal Reserve Bank Challenge (Fed Challenge) team, and that participation would show dividends on the Macroeconomics AP test.  By joining the Fed Challenge team, I not only gained knowledge that helped me on the test, but discovered the career I wanted to pursue.

Economic Writings

            The educational path I have laid out for myself is currently undecided in some areas.  I know that I wish to pursue the Monetary Policy and Banking track in the Economics Major for my Bachelor of Arts Degree.  I have not chosen an option for a minor, but am considering Information Systems and Public Relations as options.  I hope to obtain a Master’s Degree in Economics after I begin work as an Economist.  I have ambition to someday achieve a Doctoral Degree, however I believe that will be a goal that I will not reach in the next ten years.

            After I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree, I want to work for the Federal Reserve in a research analyst position.  I want to be able to be a part of the process that helps make key decisions in Monetary Policy.  My goal is to someday sit on the Federal Open Market Committee.  I also believe that I would enjoy teaching Economics on the University level someday.  I understand that these two goals are outside the 10 year range for career goals however, the research analyst position would be a stepping stone to these higher levels.    

            My passion in Economics lies in the world of macro, the Federal Reserve, and Monetary Policy.  Even if these lofty goals are something I do not achieve, I want to have a career in which I can study and interpret the economy on both a national and a global level. 

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