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Educational Objective:
  For many years now, I have gone through school trying to figure out what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. I always had a goal of graduating from high school as do most teenagers. Now that I have completed that first step, I have moved on and now am trying to graduate from college. My education objective is to gain a degree in a field that I have a passion for. Ultimately I am interested in many different fields. I have an interest in computers, business, money, finance, and economics. My Education objective is to further my knowledge on all of these topics so that eventually one day when I graduate and have my degree, I can become an asset to any company. I want to learn as much as possible in my years at college and graduate with the best GPA possible because I feel that if I can succeed in college, I will someday succeed in my career.  

Career Objective:

    Being that it’s my second year at the University of Akron I am still young. I have taken the required courses and I am now starting to get deeper into my major. I am currently taking Accounting, Micro Econ, Human Evolution, and Microcomputer Applications for Business. With each class that I complete I learn a little something new and because of this I am constantly changing my career objectives. Currently I am study E-Marketing and would someday like to work for a large company and help them market there products. I would like to come up with new and exciting ways to reach customers and to show them my company’s goods. I think with computers, and internet marketing possibilities are endless. In the end my real Career objective is to find a career that satisfies me. I don’t want to me a 40 year old man that hates waking up and going to his job. I want to enjoy what I do and be the best at it.