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  •   Education objectives
 My educational objectives at the University of Akron are to work towards a major in micro and labor economics and a minor in industrial philology. I'll have all the

credits  I need for the minor this year and I'll graduate with my bachelors spring semester 09. I would like to go on and get my masters in business. Before I

 go on to the masters program I plan on taking two years to work in the field too gain real word experience. I don’t plan to go on too get a PHD at the

 moment but it is something I would  like to achieve later in life.

  •   Career objectives
   After I graduate I would like to look for a career in managing a construction or an engineering consulting firm. My freshmen and sophomore years at I

was Civil engineering major and I’m still very interested in the field but I want to be more involved in the management side. I’m still not one hundred

percent on what career I want after I finish my education but I’ve managed to narrow it down to some form of management or a job in labor economics.

 A job that allows me to be active in the management and that requires a lot of travel would be my ultimate goal but if other opportunities show

up I wouldn’t hesitate to take it.

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