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My name is Greg Haffner I am a junior at University of Akron. I have recently changed majors to economics because I chose to do something other than accounting. I came had to have the University Akron, as a accounting major, in 2007, and chose to change my major to the economics because I believe it would be better suited for me in the long run. I chose economics because I wanted to do something involving numbers, also before lead enjoyed the business, and thought that my skills would be best suited here.

<>            What I new about economics before a came to the University of Akron was little to none and then when I know now. I also fact there's a lot more to learn but I am looking for to. After changing majors to economics I have taken macroeconomics, microeconomics, and the economics of sports.  

            What did I have the most problems in?  With out a doubt macroeconomics, this was something I'd never done before and need helps to understand theories. After passing that point it was a very interesting.

            What questions do I have about economics, and weird do I expect to go with this degree? Economics is very new to me. My biggest question is what's next? I'm very interested in economics and I'm very open-minded and very enthusiastic about the future. More than anything I can't wait to see what's next.

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