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Who am I?

Iím Jordan Theaker and I originally hail from Saint Clairsville, Oh, a small city located in southeastern Ohio near Wheeling, WV.  Iím nineteen years of age and am currently enrolled in my second year at the University of Akron.  My major at the University is labor economics with an intended minor in applied mathematics. 


Educational Objectives

As I stated previously I am pursuing a bachelor of science in labor economics with a minor in mathematics. I have already attained several scholarships from UA including an Honors scholarship for I am also a member of the Honors College.   I plan on graduating in roughly two and a half to three years with honors.  I then plan to move on to the graduate level and pursue a masterís degree in economics.  I will then become a doctoral candidate and eventually obtain my doctorate.

Career Objectives

Upon graduation from graduate school, I would like to become an economist for a private firm to serve as a consultant and provide analysis to that firm.  I would also consider working as a macroeconomist for the federal government.  I would like to work my way up whatever job I serve in to hopefully one day becoming upper management.  During my career, I would like to engage in research and submit my findings in the form of a professional writing to several different professional journals.