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My Educational Objectives

I am currently studying to earn  a Bachelors degree in Economics. I have spent the past 3 and a  half years studying as an economics undergraduate at the University of Akron. I have also been studying to earn two minors as well in Finance and Business Administration.  I would like to continue in my education and obtain a Masters degree in either Economics or Business. I would like to gain some experience in a working atmosphere for a couple of years first.  Education is very important to me, I like be challenged to learn a new things. For my previous degree I was continually going to continued education courses available to learn the newest technique, or what works best. I am always trying to apply what I have learned towards my career and look forward to continually doing so.

My Career Objectives

 I would like to work for a company that allows me to utilize my degree and continue to expand my education. I would like to pursue a career in the banking industry applying my economics degree. It is important to me that I continue learning new ideas and concepts and that my work allows me to do so. I accept change about as well as the next person, but I have learned through my previous career that change is necessary and sometimes for the better. This is why opportunities of continuing education are important to me because there is always something new to learn. 

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