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Who Am I

I am a highly motivated and determined individual, with an unbelievable drive and a relentless vigor and passion for the things close to my heart. My passions are God, family, friends and Southern Africa. It is my desire one day to return to my homeland and revolutionize the region. 

Educational Goals

I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Economics that will establish  a solid foundation and serve as a stepping stone to broadening my horizons in Economic analysis and enhance my critical thinking and quantitative skills.

Upon completion of my undergraduate studies, I aspire to further my knowledge and obtain a masters degree in financial Engineering, that will give me thorough and in depth

insight in investment theory; finance and economic analysis. With my arsenal full of ammunition, I will now be in a position to rise to any challenge and succeed.

Career Goals 

Directly following graduate school I esteem to work for an investment firm for a couple of years and then secure an opportunity with the I.M.F or World Bank, working with developing and third world countries in Africa. After five

 years of experience in this field, I plan to then enter the realm of politics in Southern Africa and facillitaite positive change and hopefully impact the region for the better.

For more information please contact me at jsibs7@yahoo.com