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            Through my economic career I have learned much that I feel will be most important to apply towards my professional career.  The greatest piece that I have acquired has been the acquisition and application of economic thinking.  I have realized that after being schooled in economics, one has a completely different way of rationalizing and approaching a problem or analyzing a situation.  Having this skill differentiates me from all other people that do not have a deep background in economics. 

            I found the most difficulty in my Econometrics class.  My background for the course had been several years before taking the class so a lot of things were not fresh in my head and concepts that were meant to continue on prior learning were not easily grasped.  I like statistical analysis and I liked working on my econometrics project; I can see myself doing a serious research project involving statistical analysis based on my finance background.  I would like to research participation in company driven and individually driven retirement plans to determine what motivates or, probably more relevant, why aren’t individuals motivated to save for retirement.  Sticky points that I have trouble with are the areas that go beyond just simple statistical analysis.  I have trouble determining the proper model to use, why one model is more appropriate than another.  Before graduating, I would like to garner a stronger and more confident knowledge in statistical analysis.

            My goal for my career is to become a financial planner.  Specifically I would like to be a retirement plan designer for companies as well as an advisor to individuals in securing wealth for their future.  I believe that economic thinking and the courses that I have taken and will have taken will give me an edge to identify the state and direction of the market and economy and position my clients to insulate themselves against any dangers and to fully heed opportunities.

            Having a fleshed out plan for my career objectives is important because it gives me direction.  Many people find a field that they are interested in and acquire a degree and then do not know what they want to do.  Having an idea of a career path not only sets objectives for me to follow but allows me to be more confident to follow any deviation in my path.  As long as one has a spot on one’s horizon plotted out, one can explore opportunities in the short-term with a long-term plan still looming.