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   Who am I?

             I am Neil Nagy.  I grew up in Green, OH and still live there.  I am a Finance and Economics major as well as an Honor’s Student at the University of Akron.  I am currently doing an investment
             internship with FirstMerit on S Main St.  I enjoy reading, riddles, exercising, helping others, and spending time with God.


        My Educational Objectives 
           It is my personal belief that education never ends or at least should never end.  After graduating I plan on gaining real world work experience and then going back to school to obtain a Master’s in
           Finance and Economics.  I also plan on attending meetings, seminars, and training sessions as well as reading new books every week in order to increase my understanding and make myself more


        My Career Objectives 

          I will be working with FirstMerit after I graduate as an Investment Analyst.  I have short-term and long-term goals for my career experience.  In the short-term I will attempt to prove myself as a capable, 
          creative, and efficient employee who goes above and beyond expectations and always brings something new to the table.  In the longer-term I hope to move up the corporate rungs to become a portfolio
          manager and one day one of the wealth heads at the bank.  I enjoy investing and think that a job in this field will be quite lucrative and will help in: starting a family, putting kids through college, and helping me
          achieve retirement goals.  Later in life I plan on starting a business or two of my own but am not sure yet as to what.