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Therese Davis' Economic Portfolio
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Educational Objectives


My educational objectives are very clear now.  I have pursued other majors as in Supply Chain Management and also Human Resource Management.  I changed my major after taking courses in both and found out that I was basically doing papers and tests off of my 23 years of experience instead of what was being taught.  In other words, I didn’t do to well.  I changed to Industrial Economics after researching other majors, and found it to be very interesting.  It is a diverse field to pursue, and also I did very well in my Macro and Microeconomics classes.  The skills in economics are black and white and cannot be changed.  That is what I like about it.  If all goes well, I plan on graduating in the fall of 2008.


Career Objectives


My career objectives are pursuing a job in Social Services, and trying to do some analysis on why certain people are eligible for assistance that seem to be very well off, and those that really need assistance can not obtain it.  I have been through the system, and it needs to be addressed.

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