Tracy Plavney's Economic Portfolio
Economic Writings

Who Am I?

            My name is Tracy Plavney and I am an alumni of the University of Akron. In my three and a half years at UA, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a minor in dance.  I am pursued a degree in economics because I enjoy the challenge of the coursework and I felt that having a degree in economics would help me become a better analytical thinker and a well-rounded person. 

My Educational Objectives

 I hope to continue my education by pursuing a masters degree in economics.  Within the time I have before graduation I wish to study more calculus to aid in my graduate work.  I hope to be selected as a graduate assistant either here at the University of Akron or at another liberal arts college.  Aside from obtaining a masters degree in economics I would like to learn to speak Spanish and Chinese in addition to speaking English and French.  I want to be able to speak several languages in order to work and travel internationally.

My Career Objectives
      As far as where I see myself working, I would like my line of work not to so much be based on writing research as I would like to be involved in analysis and consultation for an investment firm or large corporation.  I would like to work for a company where I travel all over the world.  I am also interested in working with companies on eliminating waste in production processes.  I am avidly against waste whether it's the waste of natural resources or the waste of time.  I believe that improvements in efficiency can and will make the world a better place.  I am also interesting in possibly working for the government as an economist helping better public policies be put into place. No matter where I am working or whom I am working for I would like my career to involve improving the standard of living in my community and communities all over the world.