Economics and International Business as minor
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Educational and Career Objective

My Name is Chimaobi Nwankwo, I am currently in my third year in The University Of Akron. I am Majoring in Economics with International Business as my Minor.

While am in school, I plan on getting a
ll the necessary resources that I will need as a student to be a great economist. I would like to acquire great economics and international business skill. Thinking and analizing like a good economist is my number one priority. I plan on getting my bachelors degree in Economics.

When I finish School and go out to the real world, I plan on using the skills that I have acquired as an economist to help countries that are still developing all around the world better analyze their economic problems; being from a less developed country opened up my eyes to the potentials of less developed countries. I will start out working for a normal company in need of an economist; then with the experience I acquired there, I plan on going international.