Jonathan B. Hedden
Electronic Portfolio

Education and Career Objectives

    I intend on obtaining a joint major in Corporate Finance and economics from the University of Akron.  During my junior year, I will have an internship with Merrill Lynch at one of their financial advisory branches.  Senior year, I will prepare for and pass phase one of three of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams.  During phase II and III of the CFA exams I plan on working for an investment research group to prepare me for my future career in Global Wealth Management (GWM).  I believe working for a research firm will be highly beneficial during the self study the CFA exams require.    After completion of the rigorous CFA exams, I would like to work for a high integrity brokerage firm managing million dollar portfolios of both individuals and privately owned businesses.  The CFA program will give me a comparative advantage over others without the designation in my field.  The intensive study of the CFA exams coupled with my degrees will provide me with the educational foundation necessary to be a highly successful funds manager.  The enhanced credibility and prestige associated with the designation will also be valuable when building my clientele basis as a Global Wealth Management specialist.