Kyle Whittaker - My Portfolio

Who Am I?

           I am a sophomore economics student in the Honors College at the University of Akron. I just switched to economics last year during the second semester after realizing that being a chemical engineer was not what I wanted to do with my life. So far I have only taken one course in economics, but I always liked it in high school, and so far it is everything I thought it would be.

My Educational Objectives

            At the top of my list of priorities is obviously my graduation from Akron with a BA in economics, but I am also interested in pursuing a minor, most likely in political science, as I have already taken a few classes on the topic and enjoy it immensely. The thing that appeals most to me about economics is its ability to explain things about how people live and also explain the reasoning and rationale behind them. Gaining the ability to understand the motivations of people is one of the things that interests me most, so economics is a natural fit, as well as political science. I hope to continue taking more economic classes, as well as electives in a variety of other subjects to enrich what I know. Hopefully economics will continue to prove interesting and fun and I will be able to graduate with it as my major.

My Career Objectives

            My career objectives are less developed than my educational goals, because I haven't been in the field of economics long enough to get a good idea of what exactly an econ major does in the “real world.” I did talk to a few companies at the last career fair and one idea that piqued my interest was the fact that the CIA employs economists to do analysis for foreign policy analysis. This would allow me to combine my interest in economics with my interest in global politics, and so I plan an trying to get an internship or co-op with them over one of my summers. Failing that, getting a job that involves using economic theory and ideas to create new knowledge, or to apply it to real world situations that are larger than just number crunching is something that appeals to me