The University of Akron Nathan J. Grace Economics Portfolio

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My Educatonal Goals
    My primary educational ambition is to graduate from the University of Akron with a bachelors degree in Economics by the spring of 2010. I have given some thought to pursuing a Masters degree or perhaps a PhD.  Most probably I would focus on Political Science or International Business; however I have also thought that an economics degree with masters in Environmental Science could create some unique and interesting employment opportuities.

My Career Goals

    I have a very broad set of goals for my career. The desire for success is a given and I wish to be respected in my field. At the moment I am considering three major career paths. The first is a career concerning developing countries in which I could improve the living situations of disadvantaged peoples around the world. I am highly considering pursuing a position at the World Bank. The second major path concerns the environment. There has been a lot of concern centered around topics such as Global Warming; including what, if anything, can be done about it. There are also a host of new technologies becoming available that could have vast potential. These technologies must be evaluated as to their reliability, potency and cost-efficiency. I would very much enjoy being a part of that process. Lastly, I have heavily considered work in the public sector. I feel that a career with the FBI or CIA would be interesting and rewarding. Any other government agencies would also be pertinent to my interests.