"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."
       - Eleanor Roosevelt     
Rob Klein 
Personal Portfolio

About Me

    In one word I believe I can describe one of my best qualities, that word is manager. I believe that I am an efficient time and money manager. I am a good time manager because I work nearly thirty hours a week, take eighteen credits here at Akron U, and also have a one year old daughter. I pay for college and my daughter along with numerous other things such as my car payments, other bills, etc. Even though I work a lot, I still seem to manage my time sufficiently enough to excel in school and watch my daughter grow. These reasons along with others  is why I think I am a good money manager. Both of these skills will help me with my future school and life goals.

Educational Goals               

    With the numerous priorities in my life, I believe that my studies at the University of Akron are the most important not only for me, but for my future careers. My goal that I would like to accomplish is to double major in International Business and Economics. I do understand that it takes a lot of time to finish one major let alone a double major but by managing my time the correct way, I would like to be finished with my bachelors in both majors by year 2010.  Eventually I would like to attend graduate school and get a masters and maybe a doctorate degree in Economics.

Career Goals

                Since economic and business degrees are broad, my precise career choices are not known at this time. As stated, I would like to receive a masters or doctorate in Economics. My future job that I would like to have would be in sales or working for a large corporation as an economic analyst.   As I get older, my overall future career goal is to become a professor in the field of Economics after receiving my other degrees and gaining experience and knowledge through many of my jobs. Economics has taught me so much about everyday life and I know that the marginal benefit of having any job in the field of economics will definitely be greater than the cost.