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Rashida Grant
University of Akron, Economics B.A.
An Electronic Portfolio of Works & Insights
"Find a quote that is extremely profound and says something about me and put it right here................................................"

Education Objectives

I graduated from Gahanna Lincoln High School in 2004 and then enrolled at the University of Akron the following fall semester. Upon entrance, I was an engineering major. However, I soon found that I did not have the same passion for science as I did for mathematics and abstract thinking. After researching several possibilities, I decided upon Economics. It was in this field of study that I was able to utilize my talents and discover new ones. I have always strived to put forth my best effort throughout my academic career and I intend to do the same upon entering the professional world.

Career Objectives

Many of my peers will be seeking positions in corporate America post-graduation. I, however, would like to pursue a different route. The wage gap between minorities and the masses is still quite significant and the wealth differential is astronomical. However, many minorities do not know how to increase their wages, the value in establishing wealth or the basic fundamentals of how the economy works. Therefore, I would like to give back to my community by founding a non-profit organization that would educate, empower and provide tools to minorities.

Who Am I?

I am a proud minority female who would like to help uplift other minorities and help them help themselves. I am also a small (very small) business owner.