Sejla Karalic's
    Portfolio & Resume

Educational Objectives
I plan to meet the B.A. requirements in order to complete a double major in Economics and Political Science.  I wish to build upon my undergraduate research in economics and obtain a U.S. Student Fulbright full grant to China in order to perform a micro-level investigation of the relationship between tobacco advertising and tobacco use with individuals as units of analysis.  If I am able to attain a Fulbright, upon completion of my research I intend to submit the results of my work to an appropriate refereed journal in economics or public policy. Thereafter, my goal is to attend law school and focus on international or public policy law while also obtaining an MBA.

Career Objectives
Ideally, I would like to work with an anti-tobacco or related non-profit organization, making sure that governments provide adequate funding for anti-tobacco programs across the globe.  Ultimately, I want to own my own company or lobby firm that assists researchers in acquiring funding for anti tobacco research and governments in organizing anti-tobacco programs.