Who I am: My name is Zachary Easterling and I am a senior at The University of Akron. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems, specifically in the field of Systems Analysis and Design, awarded to me by the Summit College in The University of Akron. I am a member of the Kappa Beta Delta International Honors Society and I earned the 2004 Most Outstanding Student Award in the Computer Information Systems department at Summit College.

Educational Objectives: I believe I have completed my education thus far with a certain degree of excellence and I wish only to improve on that foundation. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and expect to earn a distinction of no less the Cum Laude. In school I will strive for more than facts and figures, I will seek wisdom and gain understanding. I will create new knowledge and will share what I have learned with others.

Career Objectives: I plan to take my education into the world and I will believe in the work that I do. I resolve to take pride in all my accomplishments and will learn from all my failures. I am determined to be both secure in my employment and in my future; and I will use that security to bolster my entrepreneurial spirit. I want nothing less than to create excellence in the workplace, in my investments, and in myself.