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Thank you for visiting my Webpage.  This site is dedicated to posting pertinent information about myslef and work that I have accomplished for perspective employers view.  I am an Economics Major and Political Science Minor, graduating in the Spring of 2011.  I currently serve as the Senator for the College of Engineering in The University of Akron's Associated Student Government, as well as the Political Director of the College Republicans.  

The provenance of my dynamic leadership abilities, effective communication skills, and industrious and versitle nature can be unilaterally linked the efforts group and team efforts that I have been part of, such as the previously mentioned organizations, athletic career, and work experience.  The invaluable lessons of drudgery, determination, cooperation, and focus accrued through working with colleagues, peers, and teammates have proven to surpass appraisable value as I progress through the collegiate experience and into the functioning world.  

Accomplishments and qualifications, however, cannot serve as the only means of determining the venerability of an individual working within a competitive industry.  Often times, a more exhaustive look into the character and ethos of an individual are needed to determine the competence of a perspective agent.  It is paramount to the integrity of any institution desiring productive employees that it pursues persons of the highest virtue and tenacity to sustain an efficacious and assiduous environment.

I look forward to our future deliberations so that we may engage in dialogue at length and discuss opportunities in a more comprehensive manner.