Bennett Cowie

Who I Am
I am Bennett Cowie, a senior economics major and business administration & history minor at the University of Akron. I transfered to the University of Akron last year from the University of Vermont. It was there that my interest in economics grew, but it is here at Akron where I am fully pursuing my studies. At my previous school I also studied history and business administration, and after trasferring here to Akron I decided to keep those two areas in my academic portfolio by adding them as minors. With this well-rounded academic triumvirate I feel that I will be fully and sufficiently prepared for the world of business once I graduate.

My Educational Objectives

My primary short-term educational goal is to earn my bachelor's degree in economics with two minors in history and business administration. I am confident that my well-rounded course of study will serve me well in any future endeavor. After earning my bachelor's degree I hope to find stable and enjoyable employment outside of Ohio for several years before beginning my persuit of an MBA or perhaps a law degree. After that, I hope to return to the workforce, and depending on where my career takes me, I may even persue a PHD! This would be quite an academic stretch for me, although if I somehow discover a serious passion for a particular area of study I strongly believe that it will be an enjoyable learning experience that will lift my career potential.

My Career Objectives
I have set several career goals for myself in terms of where I hope to be in the future. My primary and more general career goal is to be happy with my job and passionate about my work. This is more important to me than anything else, including compenstation and any titles may come with a job. In a more short-term approach, I hope to find a good job in the corporate world and work my way up the ladder. However, my ultimate goal is to retire early and teach US history at a private high school, either here in Ohio or somewhere up in New England. As I stated