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David S. Maple
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College of Arts and Science

My Educational Objectives
I am enjoying accumulating knowledge in economics as well as other areas while I work towards a degree in Labor Economics. Although it will take me longer than the usual four years to obtain my undergraduate degree I will obtain a BSLE within five years. To make the most of my extended time at The University of Akron I am considering obtaining a second minor in entrepreneurship.

My Career Objectives
My current career objectives are vague. I am not yet sure of my plans after graduation. I will use the skills I accumulate while obtaining my degree to ensure that I am successful in everything I do in the professional workplace. Currently, I am attracted to a sales position as an entry job into the professional world. I would also like to pursue my entrepreneurial urges and start my own business. The thorough understanding of economics I gain while obtaining my degree will be an integral part of my success in either of these possible career paths.  I am confident that while obtaining a degree in Labor Economics from The University of Akron I will accumulate a plethora of skills that will present me with a plethora of opportunities to achieve success in the workplace.