I am currently a senior attending The University of Akron in the pursuit of a Bachelor’s of Art in Economics and Mathematics Minor.  I graduated valedictorian of my high school class in 2006 and went on to attend UA’s Honor’s College on scholarship.  I have been a member of the Honor’s College for three full years and have enjoyed partaking in multiple volunteering opportunities such as participating in the ESL language program, tutoring, being a member of Women in Engineering, serving as the Head of Marketing in the Economics Club, and working for the Office of Accessibility.

Besides being a student – which consumes the greater part of my time – I am also a daughter to Paul and Patricia Shinko, a little sister to polymer grad student Andrew Shinko, a twin to undergraduate graphic design major Kathryn Shinko, an animal lover, an avid cycler, a beer connoisseur, a cigar aficionado, a fan of body art, an audiophile, a concert attendee, a movie go-er, a proficient tailor, a stuffed animal collector, a viral video addict, a cartoonist, and an internet blogger.


I plan to graduate with my BA in Economics by the fall of 2010.  Immediately after graduation, I will attend an Econometrics grad program in the area – although I haven’t necessarily decided on a specific location, I know that I would like to stay in the Ohio area because of internship opportunities (such as, for example, with the Cleveland Fed).  Upon graduation with my Master’s in Econometrics, I plan to apply to a university abroad – preferably the UK – where I can continue my work with Economics and Econometrics in the form of a PhD.


After obtaining my PhD in Econometrics, I plan to work the field for a number of years as some sort of forecaster (sales, investments, etc.) for a large multinational corporation.  Eventually I would like to marry and to start a family.  At this time, I would like to take a hiatus from the field and apply for a position as either a professor of Economics or Econometrics at a university.  During this time, I would continue to raise my family while teaching and performing research.  At some point I hope to publish the findings of my research team which would more easily allow me to publish text on my own economic theories.