My name is Jessica Collins and I am currently a junior at The University of Akron.  I am working towards a double-major in Economics and History with a double-minor in Classical Studies and hopefully Italian language.  In addition to my studies, I am involved with many organizations, holding many leadership positions on campus.  After experiences as the President of the Honors Complex Orr Residence Hall and as an Emerging Leader with the Major Events division of Residence Hall Programming Board, I became the Diversity Director for Residence Hall Council for this school year.  I also hold a position as a student justice in the Associated Student Government as well as the position of Treasurer for the Pre-Law Club.


Educational Goals

While I am still a student, I intend to learn to think and analyze situations in new and different ways so that I will be more diverse as a professional.  I intend to gain knowledge that will be applicable to my future career. 
Through my involvements during my educational career, I also hope to grow as a leader and in my interactions with others.  I have gotten very involved in leadership both in student government as well as programming on campus.  Through these opportunities, I hope to continue to grow as a leader and team-builder.  Also supplementary to my schoolwork is the jobs I hold and will hold.  These will provide me with a professional environment and continually teach me of responsibility and accountability and the importance of each.  It is my hope that these other experiences will serve to enhance my character, adding to my academic career.
Immediately following my graduation, I hope to attend law school for further and more specific educational development.


Career Ambitions

Although I have not yet made a final decision regarding which aspect of law to study in graduate school, I ultimately plan to be in business.  After beginning my career as a business professional, I plan to run for public office.  I have always had a passion for politics and becoming involved in the political scene would be a great accomplishment for me.  Through each stage of my professional career, I would like to continually grow and set new and challenging goals for myself.  Always striving for something greater, I want to inspire others through what I do to be better than I myself can ever hope to be.