Jerry L. Smith
Economic Portfolio

Who am I:  My name is Jerry L. Smith and am a junior at The University of Akron.  I am the father of two boys ages 8 and 11.  I am the former owner of M & H Landscaping.  I purchased the company and ran it for four years.  I was able to double revenue after the first year and increase revenue by another 10% the remaining two years of ownership.  I am a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda, Tau Sigma (for transfer students), and Golden Key National Honor Societies.  I serve as Vice-President of the Tau Sigma University of Akron Chapter.

Educational Objectives:  I strive to attain greater knowledge and skills needed in the business and economic world to build on my experience gained thus far.  I am majoring in Sales Management and Economics.  I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Sales Management along with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and expect to earn a distinction of no less than Cum Laude.   I strive for more than book knowledge, but for real world applications of the business world.  I also want to enhance other student’s education through my experience, as well as enhance my educational experience through the younger student’s unique perspective, as I am older than many of my classmates. 

Career Objectives:  I plan to take my educational experience and combine it with my business experience to use in an entrepreneurial venture.  I would like to use my knowledge gained in economics to be able to forecast future property values to determine whether I should sell or rent properties that I plan on purchasing.  Knowledge of using statistical models and economic analysis that will be gained as part of my educational experience would be of great help in creating this type of business model.  If I am unable to secure the venture capital that is required, I plan to use both my business and educational experience to use in securing my future career with a company in the sales or marketing fields.  I will use my education in economics to help the company, the company’s clients, and myself to secure our future endeavors together.  I will learn from my failures as well as my accomplishments.  Using what I have learned from those to be better in the future.  Excellence in the workplace, in my investments, and in my private life is not only expected, but is demanded.