Justin S. Pownell
Economic Portfolio

Who Am I?

My name is Justin Steven Pownell. I am a current student at the University of Akron. I work a part time job at Acme Fresh Market and am more than ready to finish my schooling and obtain a job in the economic field. I am a huge automobile enthusiast and spend a lot of time learning information about automobiles, how they work, why people rely on them and the current unstable market that they are in.

Educational Objectives

            I believe that going to an undergraduate institution or some other post-high school institution is a feat that anyone would crave to have.  For me, attending the University of Akron is an honor. Even though I have never been that 4.0 student that I wish I could be, I still strive for my next few semesters to do the best that I can do. I plan to finish school after the spring semester of 2012 with Bachelors in Economics and a minor in financial services.

Career Objectives

            My Career objectives are something that I look at that can and will be forever changing. Currently I hope that upon graduation I can get into a company that is in the Automobile industry or in the financial industry including banks and insurance companies. I know after each goal that I achieve a new one will present its self to me and I will pursue that with all that I have.