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Who Am I?

Investigation of myself, Karen Pavlisko


Who am I?  I ask myself as I sit behind the desk in my room and think about the objectives I have for my life and for my future.  I am a blonde girl of about 5’9 who lives in North East Ohio, and has done so for 21 years.  But no, not really, that’s not who I am.  I’m more of an average girl by appearance who, in all honesty, hates too much hard work, but believes in perfection and knows hard work is the only way to get there.  Yes, that’s more like it; I’m a studious woman, who puts all the time I need to into a project until it is completed to just how I want it, or at least to the very best of my ability.  I enjoy working with people, because I feel company is always more fun, but I also like to do things for myself, so that when they are finished, my projects look just the way I dreamed them.  And of course I want to be able to take pride in my own work.


My educational objectives

 Looking at who I am, what I like, and how much I care about getting things done right, thinking about my educational goals becomes that much more straightforward.  I intend to complete and receive an undergraduate degree of a double major of Mathematics and Economics.  Currently I have a 3.8 GPA and I hope it goes in no direction but up.  Math has always been my strongest subject, and my goals are only to make myself stronger in the subject.  Economics is a relatively newer field of study for me, as my high school did not offer any econ classes.  However, I hope that with a good amount of study and practice, I will be able bring my economic skills up to a higher level.

Currently, I attempt to stay up to date with economic news and information, but as a student it’s kind of difficult.  I usually listen to Planet Money, and economic podcast, several times a week.  One of my goals is to advance my news reading/watching while I am still a student just to stay more up to date with the times.


My career objectives

 After I finish my undergraduate, I would like to work for several years in either the office of a business or a bank.  I currently work part time for a law firm in Fairlawn, but when I am finished with college I would like to get a full time job where I can use the experience and knowledge I gained in school.  I like the office environment and staying continued work in a similar location sounds appealing to me.

However, if after a few years I feel that continued education would be most beneficial to me, I would like to return to a university and work on a graduate degree.  I am a firm believer that it is not possible to be too educated.

One other possibility that has always been at the back of my mind has been to teach high school math.  As a career it would be nice to have a similar schedule to what I have now; no work on weekends, nights, holidays or summers.  I love math and think I would be able to teach it if I really wanted.  I cannot see too many obstacles to hinder me from this path, but I have also never really envisioned myself as a teacher either so that option is still up for debate.


In conclusion

 I have learned a lot about myself and where I hope to be in this short time span behind my desk.  I see a positive outlook on my future, as it seems planned with steps to take me along the way.  The future seems ultimately closer than I realized it was, and in just a few short years I will be there, at the end of a good deal of schooling and the beginning of a new career.  I just hope it works out well and I enjoy the rest of my life just as much as I have enjoyed the beginning.