Matthew W. Morrison
University of Akron
Economics Portfolio
Who am I?

My name is Matt Morrison and I am a sophomore in the Department of Economics at The University of Akron.  I am currently employed at Best Buy where I am a Sales Associate in the Digital Life department.  My sales area covers desktops, laptops and netbooks, printers, digital and SLR cameras, MP3 players, video and sound cards, computer storage/accessories, and computer memory.  As you can see my sales area demands that I am educated fully on products in an array of digital technologies.  Working at Best Buy has provided me with the knowledge necessary to fully understand computer technologies that will be crucial to succeeding in an ever growing computerized economy.  Outside of work and school I am an avid golfer and fan of the PGA Tour.  To understand when my interest in the field of economics began we have to look back to my junior year of high school.  I have been interested in the field of economics since my junior year of high school.  I was first introduced to the study of economics while doing a research project on monetary policy of the Federal Reserve Bank of The United States of America.  The project included a five page paper and a five minute speech followed by a question and answer session.  I took a high amount of interest in the subject and ended up qualifying for the national competition which was located in New York City.  At nationals I finished 11th in the nation in the event and from that minute on I knew that economics was the field I was meant to study.  Not only was New York City a great place to compete in a business competition, it was also an experience that I will never forget.  I was able to walk on the NYSE trading floor with stock brokers.  This was something that not many people will experience in their lives and it became the fuel for my ambition to succeed in the field of economics.

My Educational Objectives

My educational objectives include completing my undergraduate degree with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and attending graduate school in corporate finance or law school in business law.  I have begun to search for a proper graduate school to undertake the rest of my degrees.  The University of Arizona and Arizona State University are two schools that I believe offer a lot of opportunity for my educational and business careers.  However, there are some short term goals that I have set for myself to help achieve the long term goal of going to graduate school.  One of the short term goals is to finish my undergraduate with a GPA between 3.3 and 3.5.  Also, I would like to become the President of the Economics Club here at the University of Akron; I am currently the Vice President of Communications.  Finally, I have a short term goal of finishing my undergraduate degree in three and a half years as to shorten the amount of time it takes to finish my full educational career.

My Career Objectives

My main career objectives are to become successful in the field of my choice and to make a difference in someone’s life as a result.  I have considered several paths as to what my job title may be in the future.  One of the careers I have considered is that of a financial planner.  I have been interested in becoming a financial planner for several years.  My infatuation with the stock market and the creation of mass amounts of wealth through investments fueled my interests in the career.  I have worked with several financial planners on projects and through mentorships and speeches.  Another career that I have considered is being the management of a large business or corporation.  I have always felt that I hold the responsibility necessary to lead a team.  Working for the very well structured corporation that I do, I have seen the creativity that is necessary to creating a unique corporate structure that screams success.  Finally, the last career that I have considered is becoming a corporate lawyer.  I have always been interested in law because I enjoy creating a tactical plan and writing speeches that influence people.  I believe I would make a great lawyer because of the ability to sway opinions using speech and convincing statistics with knowledge of national laws to back up my case.