Income Elasticity


My Portfolio

Who am I?

My name is Nicholas Fritsch, and I am a senior-level returning student at the University of Akron.  I previously attended Kent State University to study Art History and Music. Currently I am a second-year economics major attending the University of Akron to receive a B.A. in economics. Along with my relevant coursework, I have gained valuable experience over the previous year working as a research assistant for Dr. Robert McGuire, where I am studying the effects that hookworm-like diseases had on economic output from the years 1850-1900. I am also proud to have been recently awarded the Lung-Ho Lin memorial scholarship for economics.

 My Educational Objectives

My objective is to graduate with a B.A. in economics, and then go on to graduate school. I currently have a 4.0 grade point average at the University of Akron, which I expect to help me enter the graduate school of my interest. Currently, I am considering the University of Chicago, the University of Davis, California, and Ohio State University to apply in the Masters program of economics. Once I am accepted into a program, I hope to be a graduate assistant to further my experience in the field while continuing my training.

My Career Objectives

Upon finishing my graduate work in school, I plan to pursue a career in either economic consulting or possibly a government position. Some institutions that interest me are the Bureau of Economic Analysis, as well as the Federal Reserve. I am also interested in working in a university environment, in which case I will choose to complete a PhD in my graduate training. I look forward to applying the skills I gain from my education in economics in a professional setting, and I hope to be able to leave my mark on the science of economics as a whole.