Olivia Ann Smith
Electronic Portfolio

About Me

            I am a third year Economics student at The University of Akron.  I received the Orr Scholarship through the Honors College, which gave me a full-ride to the university, including room and board.  Akron was my first choice, so I am very happy to be studying here.  I am heavily involved on campus and am the current president of Residence Hall Council, the group responsible for all of the hall governments on campus.  There is a new program in the residence halls that I am involved with as a Lounge Leader.  We are situated in different lounges across campus most nights of the week and try to bring students out of their rooms to study and work in a social setting.  This is also my first year as an Ambassador.  As such, I help to greet visiting dignitaries and assist with other events at the university.  Besides these positions, I am also involved in the ballroom dance program.  This is my third year dancing, although I have only competed once before.
            Outside of the university I am also heavily involved in my church.  I am in our singing group that helps out on Sunday mornings and goes to nursing homes to sing during the holiday season.  I am also very excited about a new program that I started this year with my mom. We started providing dinner for the workers and donors at the blood drives that we hold at our church.  When I have free time I love to do things that use my creativity.  My grandma began teaching me how to sew and decorate cakes.  I have made purses, aprons, and skirts for myself and my friends.  My many different interests have made things interesting but have also made it harder for me to pin down what exactly it is I want to do in the future.

Educational Objectives
            I plan to graduate with my degree in Economics and a minor in Spanish.  I currently have a 3.99 and hope to graduate with a similar GPA.  Because I took post-secondary at Walsh University while I was in high school, I should be able to graduate early.  I plan on graduating in fall 2010.  I am going to apply for the Truman Scholarship to go to graduate school, which I hope to attend in Washington D.C.  As of right now, I would like to get my Masters in Public Policy.  Because graduate school is so expensive, if I do not get a scholarship, I am going to take a year off after I graduate to get a job and save money before working on my master’s degree.

Career Objectives
            If I end up getting a job after graduation, I would love to work as an event or wedding planner.  I think it would be interesting to have a position that uses my creative, artistic abilities before getting a traditional job.  After saving up for graduate school and receiving my Masters in Public Policy, I hope to get a job in Washington D.C.  This is my favorite city in the United States, and I love that you can feel the energy here just by walking around.  I do not know if I am cut out for politics, but I have considered running for Congress as a Senator.  With that as my ultimate goal, I am not quite sure where to start.  I hope to get an internship in D.C. this upcoming summer to learn more about the steps that I will need to take.  I am focusing on the short term goals, hoping that they will eventually bring me to my final objective in my career.